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To: Entrepreneurs Seeking Websites Proven To Convert

Dear Enlightened Entrepreneur,

I know what your thinking...

With so many claims on the net today for a website that converts, what makes Google Me Websites so different?

Now this is probably where you expect me to write a book about the benefits of having your own custom website.

Rather than waste your time, I've added videos below of what other people have to say about Google Me Websites and the quality we provide. That way you can get right to the source and decide once and for all if this is really for you.

Jubril Agoro, Internet Prodigy 5 Figure Monthly Income Earner From Age 17.

Just like Jubril Agoro says in this video, "I now know the importance of driving traffic to a website with proven copy!" He isn't lying! We're you thinking of making your own website?

Don't waste the time nor lose the money! What is going to take you anywhere from 6 months to a few years to put together can take an expert who knows what their doing several weeks. The point is, a website isn't just some pretty pictures on a page.

Without knowing the science of a highly converting website, how will you ever convince someone else you know what your doing if your website says otherwise?

And yes, it's so easy to fall into the trap...Take Tony Hua's experience for example.

Tony Hua, Certified Business Consultant of Rev Your Biz.

Now there's a classic example of someone paying WAY TOO MUCH for something that just didn't produce.

Did I mention we have a satisfaction guarantee? That means your website, blogs, or ebook covers and images will be made to your specifications and expectations. This is the only way we do business here at Google Me Websites.

Thanks for the taking the time to invest in your own future.

Website Connoisseur and Friend,


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